Nyima Tsering La

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Nyima Tsering la is a 38 years old Tibetan man, from Ladakh, India. He is suffering from a chronic kidney ailment and will recieve a kidney transplant from his mother. His mother is in the process of going through all the neccessary tests for the transplant. They need all our help for all the medical costs associated with the transplant and recovery.

Currently, Nyima la is going through his weekly dialysis. When the tests are completed, and the funds are raised for his transplant, the transplant will be done in a hospital in Delhi, India.

I have began to raise funds for his transplant alone, separately. I would like to ask each one of you to please support those that are going through difficult times. Your $10 dollars contribution will mean so much for this family in such a difficult time.

I hope to raise over $2500 dollars for his medical fund alone. Please support, by donating, and sharing this post on as many web outlets as you can.

You may also contact Nyima La’s mother directly to offer your help.

Her name is Tsering La and her number is +91-88001-24973

Thank You for all your support !!!

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  1. Ted: Thanks for checking it out and your time. Absolutely, feel free to email with questions or anything I can personally elaborate on. I’d be more than happy to get you updated with all the questions you may have about these individuals that I am trying to help, somehow through my fans and my music.

    Thanks again.