Update on Nepal’s earthquake victim’s fund raising and distribution effort

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Dear supporters, fans, and friends

Few days after the tragic earthquake in Nepal on April 24th, 2015, The Om Charity started fund raising for the victims and their families, particularly for those affected by the earthquake and the landslides in the border areas of Tibet and Nepal.

Along with another local dharma center here in Minneapolis, we had organized a concert to raise some funds solely for this very purpose. Despite the busy schedule, we had a very good support from the local Tibetan community in Minnesota for which, I am always grateful for.

I’d like to thank everyone who had donated to this fund raising drive here locally, and especially to Joe and Eileen Hamilton, and Tsering Lhamo Sesung (Switzerland) for their generosity as well.

So, here’s our ground work:
• Over the past month, we had provided 10,000 rupees per each family to 15 families from the border areas of Nepal/ Tibet.

• We have also distributed 20,000 rupees directly to some of the poor locals of the Sawayambhunath area, who had suffered indirectly from this tragedy as well.

Due to an unexpected incident to one of our volunteer in Nepal, we have stopped distributing more funds for right now. As soon as our friend is recovered, he will visit more families and provide more feedback to us.

So for now, we wanted to provide all the information we have so far for all the donors, so you are all updated with our ground work, long after the earthquake.

Together, we are NOT abandoning them. We are still with the victims. Thank You for your support and generosity.
If you’d like to learn more about The Om Charity and it’s noble social and medical work, please visit www.OmCharity.org and be a friend and a supporter.

Thank You
Phurbu T. Namgyal