Technology donation to college students

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Greetings Everyone,


I’d like to thank the Sholom Community Alliance, in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, for donating used iPhones to The Om Charity in March 2017. We have received 5 used iphones as a donation towards our education and empowerment program.


On April 4th 2017, we have donated the iPhones to 5 college students in Bangalore, India. These students are mostly refugees from Tibet who have escaped at a very young age into India to get education and a better way of life. After 13+ years in exile, most of them are now in doing very well academically in various Indian colleges and universities.


We hope the students will use these technologies to further their education and understanding of the dynamic world we live in.



  1. M. Tsomo (Studying B.Sc. Computer Science, Math and Statistics)
  2. K. Tashi (Studying Psychology)
  3. T. Dakpa
  4. T. Yangkyi (Studying Counseling Psychology)
  5. S. Dhondup (Studying Commerce)




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