Photographer: Zoksang La
Photographer: Zoksang La

Last year (2012), Some of my friends and I formed a college scholarship fund to recognize and remember our Tibetan Hero Pawo Jamphel Yeshi la.

By working with the “Department of Education” in Dharamshala, India; we awarded a 3 year college scholarship to a Tibetan student who’s currently on her 2nd Year B.Com in Delhi University, India.

You may visit this website for more information on our scholarship fund project.

This year I have taken a big leap alone to do something that enables me to give back to my community in India, Nepal, and Tibet by supporting those in need.The SICK and the POOR. So in 2013, I started the Om Charitable project, or The Om Charity.






  • To Help sick and poor people in India, Nepal, and Tibet by providing direct monetary support for their medicine and hospital related charges
  • To work directly with local volunteers and people on the ground, be it Governmental and NGOs in pursuit of finding direct and tangible solutions to improve the lives of the underprivileged in the communities we are most familiar with.


What we do:

We specialize in identifying and working with individuals and families who are extremely vulnerable in these under developing countries. Tibetans, for example are a second class citizens in their own country. Hence those who are poor and aren’t well connected in the community suffers tremendously when it comes to education, housing, and medical care.

In the refugee camps in India and Nepal, economic development doesn’t apply equally. There still are many individuals and families who are extremely poor and sick that needs our continuous support, be it medical or access to proper education.

By seeking proper references and cooperation from the local governments and community leaders, We work directly with the the Poor and Sick individuals and families in these communities, Unlike any other social work and charitable organizations, we work directly with these patients and poor people to make sure they receive 100% of the total support approved for them. There is no middle organization with overhead fees per client. This way, we make sure every dollar goes straight towards surgeries, paying off medical bills, or for children’s educational opportunities.


Fiscal Sponsorship:

 “The Bay Area Friends of Tibet”, a non profit organization has accepted to be the fiscal sponsor our social work.  This mean, any of your generous donations to our projects are 100% Tax Deductible. When you donate through our fiscal sponsor, please specify that your contribution is for The Om Charity’s fund. This way, it’ll be ear marked specifically for The Om Charity’s fund.

Thank You Very Much,

Phurbu T. Namgyal