malalaChildren in poor countries face many challenges when it comes to basic education and access to technology. Some are obvious – like not having a school to go to or inability for the town or a village to provide a decent education for all.

In the past, Om Charity had focused mostly on medical care and needs for the under privileged. However, as we work more with various locations in India and Tibet, it is becoming more evident for us that we can’t simply focus on one specific need of the people we support. There is also a very strong need for us to find ways to educate and empower children in these underdeveloped areas of the world.

As the world is becoming more closer and smaller by the development of modern infrastructure, the poor people in the underdeveloped world are sinking further away from the rest of the world. Hence as part of the Education and Empowerment initiative, we’d love to be able to provide technology to those who can’t afford it, so they can connect with the rest of the world and have equal access to the free resources online.

We accept monetary support or used equipment support.  If you’d like to donate towards the fund for Education and Empowerment of the under privileged people in Tibet, Nepal, and India, please click the button below.





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